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April 2016

Reviews Krosmaster Quest

Krosmaster Quest Review

Krosmaster Quest is an absolute behemoth of a game, coming in a giant box filled to bursting with cardboard and plastic. It …

Reviews Carcassonne Star Wars

Carcassonne: Star Wars Review

What’s your favourite scene from the Star Wars movies? It’s a tough choice! Mine is probably the climactic showdown at the end …

Reviews Castles Of Burgundy

Castles of Burgundy Review

Hex! Hex, hex, hex! I can’t stop thinking about hex. Beautiful, pointy hex. It’s on my mind constantly, everywhere I look! Footballs, …

Reviews Jungle Speed

Jungle Speed Review

BoomdedeBoomdedeBoomdedeBOOM! What the fu- BOOMDEDEBOOMDEDEBOOMDEDEBOOM! Oh for goodness sake not again. Where’s my dressing gown? Budumdadadumdadadumdadadum – ENOUGH! For God sake Jungle …