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August 2016

Kickstarter Backer Guide

How to Identify Good Kickstarters

Kickstarter now accounts for a huge percentage of board games released every year. There are currently 80 projects live for goodness sake! …

Reviews Raptor

Raptor Review

Mother Raptor: Oh it was terrible! All those humans rushing about the island with their machines and their fire and their sleep …

Game Design BG Dev Con

Board Game Dev Con

  On Saturday I headed to North London, braving the rain storms, to attend the UK’s first Board Game Developer Conference! This …

Reviews Lifeboat

Lifeboat Review

“Merde! ‘Ow did it come to zis? One moment zound azleep in my cabin, ze next lumped into a teeny boat and …

Essen Survival Guide

Essen SPIEL Survival Guide

It’s coming! It’s coming! The board game event of the year: Essen SPIEL. This is THE toy and games convention in Europe, …

Reviews Nippon

Nippon Review

Kon’nichiwa! You must be here to look around my new lens factory! Everyone has been flocking to see it ever since the Emperor …