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February 2017

Golden Geek Awards 2016Predictions

Golden Geek Predictions 2016

The Golden Geek Awards 2016 have just had their lists of nominees published so I thought it would be fun to embarrass …

Reviews Great Western Trail

Great Western Trail Review

Great Western Trail is the newest title from Alex Pfister, a designer that has forged one hell of a name for himself …

Reviews Menu Masters

Menu Masters Review

Menu Masters is the first title in Calliope Games’ Titan Series, a collection of games by well known designers intended to introduce …

Reviews Kingdomino

Kingdomino Review

Kingdomino is what happens when Carcassone and Dominoes have a few too many and give in to their long held attraction. But …

Reviews Nautilion

Nautilion Review

The SS Naughty Lion, I mean, Nautilion is ready to depart the Happy Isles! Yay! Can you picture the party!? I imagine …