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August 2017


Netrunner: Blood & Water Review

In this series of articles Marc and Chris, our resident runners of nets, review the latest expansion for Android: Netrunner. In these …

Reviews Dice Forge

Dice Forge Review

The hammering at the Dice Forge rings out, an incessant peel of thunder leaving ignorant mortals quaking in their boots. The hammering …

First Impressions Frogriders

First Impressions of Frogriders

Yeah, you read that right, Frogriders! A game about little people riding frogs! With appropriate miniatures. No, I’ve not lost it. I …

Top 10 Games Gen Con 2017

Top 10 Games: Gen Con 2017

It’s con season! With barely a week to go, it’s time to look forward with barely contained excitement as GenCon 2017 approaches …

Reviews Word Slam

Word Slam Review

Word Slam is not, as it may sound, the result of lobbing a dictionary at someone, nor is it a particularly impressive …

Reviews Pocket Mars

Pocket Mars Review

Matt: Would you like to play with my Pocket Mars? Marc: Not really… I don’t much like chocolate. Matt: It was all …