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October 2017

Reviews Okey Dokey

Okey Dokey Review

Terence Fletcher: Why do you suppose I just hurled a chair at your head, Nieman? Andrew: I-I don’t know. Terence Fletcher: Sure, …

Reviews Leviathan

Leviathan Review

Call me Matt. Some time ago- never mind how long precisely- having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular …

Top 10 Games Essen 2017

Top 10 Games: Essen 2017

It’s October and that can only mean ONE THING! No, not halloween… No not pumpkin spice whateveritis! Come on, it’s Essen Spiel! …


Valeria Card Kingdoms Review

In a Game of Thrones, Valyrian steel is used to forge the greatest weaponry in the known world. Our Valeria is apparently …

First Impressions Dice Hospital

First Impressions of Dice Hospital

“Doctor! Doctor! I feel like a dice!” “You mean a die?” “I’M GOING TO DIE!?” It’s another day dice hospital, where dice …