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February 2018

Netrunner Revised Core Review

Netrunner Revised Core Review

Marc: Hello! We had a long hiatus since our last review, but now we’re back to give our opinions on developments in …

Aircon 2018 Preview

Aire Con 2018 Preview

Airecon? When did Creaking Shelves start talking about cooling systems? I can hear you wondering. But don’t worry, Aire Con is in …

Majesty Review

Majesty Review

“Your Majesty! Come quick! The village is empty!” “What are you talking about? Empty? Where did the villagers go?” “They’re all kind …

Expanse 1st Imp

First Impressions of The Expanse

The Expanse is one of my favourite TV series of the last year so when I heard that it’s intrigue-filled cold-war-in-space shenanigans …