Costa Rica Review

Costa Rica solo

The explorer of Costa Rica is a selfish beast. Easily recognisable from his khaki shirt, sun burnt face, and condescending British accent, the Costa Rican explorer is often found in packs roaming the jungle for easy film snippets to send back to the TV networks back home. However, this sub species of homo sapiens rarely displays the behaviour expected of a traditional pack animal. Indeed they seem willing, enthusiastic even, to stab their fellow explorers in the back at the earliest opportunity…

– excerpt from David Attenborough’s Costa Rica

With the help of David Attenborough I have concocted another exciting review, this time of the thrilling Push Your Luck game, Costa Rica, which you can read now over on the Games Quest blog!

I am aware I have done a few of these guest posts recently and by misfortune, a couple of articles in quick succession! I apologise for that. I’ll continue to write guest reviews now and again but hopefully not quite so close together! 

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