Origin Awards 2015

Last weekend the Origins Game Fair happened. Trapped in the UK like the underpaid board game lover that I am, I wasn’t able to attend. But fortunately, thanks to the power of the internet, I am able to regurgitate the results of Origins’ annual game awards. Only with a smidgeon more humour/sarcasm! Don’t mention it.

The Origin awards are decided by a vote from the Academy members, but attendees of the convention are also able to vote for the Fan Favourite winner. So each category actually has two winners. I’ll leave it up to the discretion of my readers as to which you want to put your faith in, or don’t and just go out an buy both!


Best Board Game

Sheriff of Nottingham cover

The honour of Best Board Game goes this year to Alan Rickman for his excellent portrayal of the Sheriff of Nottingham. A force to be reckoned with, Alan never ever EVER let any contraband slip into Nottingham on his watch, nope, not once. No don’t look up the Bishop’s cassock! Oh my… how did you fit a crossbow up there?

Dead of Winter cover

The fan favourite however, went to Andrew Lincoln for his unerring ability to headshot the walking Dead of Winter. While the community may be struggling to keep on top the pressures of surviving the apocalypse, Andrew’s inspiring leadership and his big ass gun saw the group through numerous crossroads. Indeed, he only had to kick out Carol. Although I seem to remember it being much warmer when that happened…


Best Card Game

Splendor cover

This years Best Card Game award goes to Crash Bandicoot, and his incredible gem collecting abilities. While you might have expected something a bit more up to date than a 1990s video game icon, I couldn’t think of anything better to match with Splendor. That game of mining gems and transporting gems and selling gems and enticing nobles in with a bit of gem encrusted leg. Good stuff.

Star Realms cover

But oh no! The fans prefer the daring laser blasters fully charged, torpedo firing space combat deck builder of Star Realms. Its small, fast and sexy, and no I’m not still talking about Crash Bandicoot. Go check it out.


Best Children’s/Family/Party Game

The Hare and the Tortoise cover

So who have the judges picked as the Best Child/Family/Party Game? It looks like its the hare. No wait! He’s taking a nap and the tortoise is sneaking through. But what’s this!? Its actually the Hare and the Tortoise coming in together, bringing a bunch of animal friends along for the ride. What looks like a simple racing game hides a smorgasbord of bluffing and bets for a lovely game that definitely doesn’t involve sneaking screwing over of people, I’m sure.

Gravwell: Escape the 9th Dimension

The fans have once again ignored the Academy and gone for a space themed game called Gravwell: Escape from the 9th Dimension. A game of trying to get your spaceship to the exit in a realm where physics doesn’t work quite as you might like…


The Other Awards

Ooo a formatting key:

Award Name

Academy award
Fan favourite

Right lets get this over with.

Best Collectible Card Game

Magic: the Gathering Khans of Tarkir
The Spoils

Best Game Accessory

Wings of Glory mat
Counter Ring

Best Historical Board Game

Heroes of Normandy
Heroes of Normandy – Oh my God we have agreement! People look! Agreement!

Best Historical Miniature Figure/Line

Sails of Glory Series 2
Sails of Glory Series 2

Best Historical Miniatures Rules

Sails of Glory
Sails of Glory

Best Historical Miniature Rules Supplement

Battleground Europe
Flames of War: Barbarossa

Best Miniature Figure Rules

Golem Arcana
Marvel Heroclix: Guardians of the Galaxy Starter Set

Best Role Playing Game

Dungeon & Dragons Players Handbook
Dungeon & Dragons Players Handbook

Best Role Playing Supplement

Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual
Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual


So there we have it! Well done to all the winners. Now, off to the games store the lot of you.

Picture credit goes to Board Game Geek users W Eric Martin, edwalter, KlydeFrog, Camdin and Scott Gaeter.

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