Which is Greater? Episode 4: The Resistance Vs Secret Hitler

Matt is replaced by his near identical looking cousin Barry as secret role games The Resistance (Avalon) and Secret Hitler go head to head for the Golden Grater! Let’s hope Robin can get to the bottom of this mess…

Point of note: we messed up and purchased an unofficial copy of Secret Hitler by mistake, and used it throughout this video, only realising our error when posting an earlier version of this video (without the apology) and literally being told by a viewer (thank you Wan Playpause for bringing it to our attention!) We are truly sorry for this mistake and we hope it doesn’t affect your enjoyment of this video! If you want to get hold of your own copy of Secret Hitler, we suggest keeping an eye on http://secrethitler.com/, where you can also get an official print and play of the game.

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